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I have mentioned before that the Shollys are Cat People. When our house burned down over ten years ago, our two cats disappeared (into the surrounding woods, we hoped). That a mother cat and her three kittens appeared at our new house just days after we moved in was a blessing indeed.

Mace became William’s special cat and their bond was undeniable. He was a very special boy who enjoyed the freedom of coming and going as he wished. He was a mighty hunter with the tiniest meow, and he loved William very much.

When he disappeared a few months ago, we were all devastated. Recently I was offered the opportunity to partner with Printique (who I have worked with before) and I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do.

I uploaded a favorite photo of Mace, and in just a few days it was returned to me as an 8×10 canvas print that William can hang in his room.

We were super impressed by the quality of the print, especially since the picture was taken with an older iPhone. You can see above how nicely finished the back is, and how simple it will be to hang.

Printique has asked me to share the following with you:

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