Y’all, I am so late with this post that I missed the linkup! But I’m  posting anyway because I want to remember what books I read and I am sure you were all waiting breathlessly to read about them. 😉

And the reason I am late is SO LAME. My post was erased, and I literally could not remember what books I read even though I did remember that there were only THREE. Many and prosaic are the reasons for this, but I am making up for it this month so October’s post will be longer and more interesting.

And I still can only remember only two of the books, so I will update this post when (IF) I remember the third one.

No Rest for the Dead by Andrew Gulli

The first thing to know about this book is that Andrew Gulli is not exactly the author. I guess it might have been his idea, and maybe he edited it–I am not exactly clear on the process which I think would have been interesting to hear more about. Because this is actually written by 26 more or less famous writers of (mainly) mysteries and I won’t criticize it too harshly since the money went to charity, but that turned out about as you would expect.The style and tone varied from chapter to chapter, with about the only constant being that everyone had to mention the fog so we would be sure to remember that WE ARE IN SAN FRANCISCO.  It was entertaining, though–I did want to know what happened.

The Man with the Silver Eyes by William O. Steele

This is another childhood favorite that I picked up at a thrift store. I think I understand and appreciate this tale of a Native American boy and his reluctant friendship with a white man more than I did as a child because I know more about the history now.  This takes place during the Revolutionary War in and around the Great Smoky Mountains. It is told from the boy’s point of view and as such is sympathetic to the plight of the Cherokee and their view of the colonists. My original copy of this came from a book club I belonged to as a child where you were sent two random books every month–who else remembers that?

And that is sadly the end. See you next month!


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