May was a mostly easy reading month. We took a trip to the local used book store and I grabbed a few books from my favorite authors. As you may know by now, I enjoy thrillers that I don’t want to put down and can read in a day or two.

Motive by Jonathan Kellerman

Kellerman’s Alex Delaware novels are always reliable. One of these days I am going to buy them all and read them in order, but for now I just grab them off the shelf indiscriminately. There are a lot of them to choose from!

The Narrows by Michael Connelly

I do the same with the Harry Bosch series, so that I sometimes don’t know the back story of various characters, which is kind of a big deal in this one, but I don’t really mind because it’s fun to read the earlier books later and get filled in. This is another series that I’m going to read from beginning to end one of these days.

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Third in the Jane Austen book club I am participating in this year, this book was unexpectedly delightful. I’d heard it was not one of Austen’s best, but I loved it! Fanny is such an admirable character.

The Summer of the Danes by Ellis Peters

Seeing this I am reminded that I need to ask Emily to get the next one from the library so I can get my Brother Cadfael fix. This one has Caefael and one of his proteges taking a road trip all the way to Wales. As always there is murder and mystery and a little romance sprinkled with theology and history.

What Happened to the Bennetts by Lisa Scottoline

This was a great thriller about a family who is forced into the witness protection program until the father takes matters into his own hands. It was a page turner but a little confusing to me, and it was also very sad.

The Black Moon by Winston Graham

I am coming back later to add this in because I forgot to include it when I wrote this! Obviously this is the next installment of the Poldark series which I am slowly working my way through. Having watched the show first, it is always so interesting to see what was changed and what was amazingly word-for-word accurate. Also interesting is the insights into the characters–I did not think I could like Elizabeth less but after reading this I find I was wrong.

I made my goal for May despite having one kid graduating from high school and one from community college that month. I needed the escape, I guess!


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