This month’s nine-book total is brought to you courtesy of a trip to McKay’s to pick up quick reads from my favorite authors and an extended trip to Nashville to drop my baby off for her first year at Belmont University!

Original Sin by JT Dwyer

This is the second installment in a trilogy written by a friend. I wrote about the first one here. As the second of three, this book raises more questions than it answers and ends on a cliffhanger. The author obviously did a lot of research to inform the historical portions of this book, but history is ugly in spots and that made parts of this a difficult read. Now that all three books are available, reading them all at once will be the best way to enjoy and understand them with their intricate plots and deep meaning.

The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman

I love all Kellerman’s books featuring Alex Delaware. One of these days I will buy them all and read them in order.

After Anna by Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline writes both legal thrillers and family dramas. This is the latter, the story of what happens when a woman’s estranged daughter turns up as a teenager and the effect this has on the family.

Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

This Scottoline novel gives us a look into the juvenile justice center and into Bennie Rosato’s past. It was sometimes painful due to the realism (about what happens to incarcerated kids) but nevertheless a great read.

The Drop by Michael Connelly

Here;s another Harry Bosch novel which I am reading in no particular order right now. Like all of them, it has a great story but the star is Bosch himself. I cannot help loving him even when he is obnoxious and difficult to get along with.

Where They Lie by Joe Hart

This was a free book from Amazon that I read on my phone while in the hotel in Nashville (as is the next one).  This involves a vlogger whose family dies in a plane crash. She seems like a bereft mother–or IS SHE?? I enjoyed this but it’s quite dark.

The Silent Bride by Shalini Bola

Imagine that you are walking down the aisle on your wedding day only to find that you don’t recognize the man waiting there for you–and everyone else does! What could be the explanation for such a thing? You’ll have to read this to find out. 🙂

The Poet by Michael Connelly

Another Connelly novel, this one about FBI agent Rachel Walling, who figures in some other books as well. There are a lot of crossovers among Connelly’s characters, which is always fun.  I had actually already read a couple of sequels to this one which made it even more interesting.

Southern Cross by Patricia Cornwell

This is the second of three novels featuring Andy Brazil and it’s crazier than the first one. Now he is a law enforcement officer working with his former mentor. I’m especially intrigued by the cover art, which I don’t think would be used today.

It’s astonishing how much I can read if I’m not reading book club or non-fiction books!



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