Welcome to my yearly roundup of my favorite/best/most meaningful photos from the year gone by, something I’ve been doing for over ten years now.  I’ll explain my rationale for choosing each photo as we go. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed choosing them!


Penelope, aka Penny, one of our four cats, looking beautiful on my almost-new sofa, which I love.


Surprise! It’s a selfie! I don’t often take, let alone post, such a thing, but Lorelei and I were so happy to be seeing Hamilton at last and it was a night to remember.


This was a Spring Break adventure that I recommend to anyone living in East Tennessee.  The Greenback Castle (or Fortress of Faith) is all the work of one man, and you have to see it to believe it.


My father asked me to help him with his flowerbeds this year and this columbine was a great success.


There were so many pictures I could have chosen for May, with one child graduating from high school and one from community college, that I just gave up and went for the flowers. These were transplanted from my grandmother’s garden around nine years ago and they are thriving. They make me smile every year.


My two sisters and I went on a few adventures this summer with our youngest kids. This was taken on a day that started with Fort Kid, continued at the Knoxville Museum of Art, and ended at the World’s Fair Park fountains. That’s the youngest of the ten cousins playing in the water.


I was delighted to catch this shot of turtle “kisses” while having another summer adventure at Adair Park in Fountain City.


Big changes happened in August. Here’s my car all packed up and ready to go. We were about to drive to Nashville to drop off our baby for her first year of college.


Family weekend comes early at Belmont University. This was taken while touring Belmont Mansion on campus. This was truly one of the best historic house tours I have experienced and it was the highlight of our visit, other than seeing Lorelei!


John and I visited our middle son and his girlfriend in Boulder, Colorado for a few days. One of these days I will do a post on Boulder and environs! We visited the US Air Force Academy while in the area, and I knew this picture would be a favorite as soon as I took it.


All our kids were home for Thanksgiving. The boys were always having fires in the backyard back in the day, and we went back to that tradition one chilly evening. Teddy, Jake, and Jake’s girlfriend, Olivia, are pictured here.


John and I toured Glenmore Mansion in Jefferson City in early December.  I cannot believe I never heard of this place but it was absolutely amazing. One thing I loved is that you can go all the way in the rooms and look at everything up close.  I was delighted to capture the sunset through one of these ancient windows. Imagine all the people who have looked through them, and how parts of the view may have changed over the decades.

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