I managed to read eight books in February, so still above my goal.

Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly

Once again, Harry Bosch is too damn decent for words. He’s been more or less kicked out of the LAPD so he’s working cold cases in another jurisdiction for free and is always up for putting himself in danger to bring criminals to justice–or to bring justice to victims.

Desert Star by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is still out there working on cold, cold cases even though he’s older and slower and looks like this might be his last hurrah <sob>.

Killer by Jonathan Kellerman

I literally had no idea whodunit until Alex and Milo did in this absorbing read. The story involved allegations of dependence and neglect and a child custody case so this was right up my alley since my husband’s law practice has made all that very familiar.

Through the Year with Tomie de Paola

What a darling book composed of heretofore unpublished art of one of my favorite children’s authors.  These drawings have been used to illustrate stories of saints arranged in order by their feast days.

The Silver Chair by CS Lewis

Now this has always been my least favorite Narnia Book. It one of the darkest and focuses so much on the failings of various characters. There’s probably more going on here than I have thought about.

The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis

You’ll notice that I list this book (which I have always enjoyed) and the following one in publication order rather than the way they are sold these days, in chronological order. I’ll fight anyone about this.

The Magician’s Nephew by CS Lewis

I love this book.  Parts of it are really funny.  And what I wouldn’t give for more stories featuring the Wood between the Worlds!

The Last Battle by CS Lewis

I still remember how surprised and amazed I was by the ending of this book the first time I read it almost 50 years ago. I read my copies of the Chronicles of Narnia literally to pieces. The covers were falling off and pages were falling out.  Years later I read them to my own kids. These books are a treasure.

That’s it for February!



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