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I was inspired to begin writing when I lost my job as columnist on life issues for the local Catholic paper.  I’m going to use this new opportunity to explore wider topics.  I’m not abandoning the traditional life issues–I will still write about the sanctity of life “from the womb to the tomb.”  But really, aren’t most issues life issues, if you think about it?

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  1. Kathy DeWine says:

    Leslie, I saw your mom and Jake at Gourmet’s Market today and heard your news … I am really sorry you won’t be writing for the etc any more but hope you will continue to write letters to the editor as you’re called. No one does it like you do with such integrity and reasonable passion. You write well, of course, but more you write for your audience I think in a style rare for most today whose passion tends toward extremism. There is some Latin phrase which means “Virtue stands in the middle.” To my ear, your writing is virtuous in that way of speaking the Truth in love. God bless your new adventure. Kathy DeWine

    • lesliesholly says:

      You are too kind in your comments about my writing–but so encouraging! I will do my best. Thanks for visiting and commenting and I hope you will keep reading. Feel free to pass a link along to anyone else you think might be interested.

  2. Anne Donovan says:

    Leslie, I so enjoy reading your blogs and especially the one about marriage written on the 10th. I read somewhere that “marriage is a commitment you make each and every day”. I think that’s so true, you may not make it consciously but you make it by simply being there for each other.
    Thanks Leslie

  3. Allison Salomone Jenkins says:

    Trying to figure out who wrote this great piece!

    • lesliesholly says:

      Thanks, Allison! Do I really not have my actual name on this blog anywhere? I guess I’d better do something about that! I’m Leslie Hunley Sholly, KCHS class of 1985. 🙂

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