What Is a Baby?

What Is a Baby?

Twenty-eight years ago today–and I remember well my horror at the time, the parents of a child known forever as Baby Doe apparently decided that he was not a human being deserving of love and care when they allowed him to starve rather than correct a minor...

Mysterious Wisteria

I love Springtime in a new house.  Every day is a discovery, as blooms appear, whether seeded by chance or some long-gone resident.  Just now I am basking in the beauty of wisteria.  I’m sure some people consider it invasive, but I’ve always wanted some. ...

Uncle Charlie

The picture that currently heads this blog comes from this image: This is a picture of my Uncle Charlie holding my oldest child at the hospital the day after she was born–that’s more than 19 years ago.  I treasure this picture because Uncle Charlie died...

Hello world!

Since 2001, I have written a bi-monthly column on life issues in the East Tennessee Catholic newspaper.  Recently I learned my column was being cut “to make room for some new voices.”  I was disappointed because I still felt like I had more to say....
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