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Hello, and welcome to Life in Every Limb!  I’m Leslie Sholly, and you can read below to learn what I consider to be the most important things to know About Me:

  • Catholic (baptized shortly after birth by then-Father and later-Bishop Shea, at Immaculate Conception Church, of which I am still a member)
  • Southern (born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and still here, with a brief interruption during which I attended college at Georgetown University and then got married and lived in Alexandria, Virginia for one year)
  • Wife (for 32 years, to John, a native of Baltimore whom I met at Georgetown)
  • Mother (of five Emily (30), Jake (27), Theo (26), William (20) and Lorelei (17))
  • Homemaker (as in, I don’t leave the house to do my work, and I’m in charge of the cooking, and the laundry, and what housework gets done around here, among other things)
  • Legal assistant (to my husband, who practices primarily family law, with a lot of other things thrown in) from our home office, so that I can help with our business (writing letters, talking with clients, keeping time, sending out bills) while remaining at home where we want me to be
  • Sometime writer (formerly a columnist–for eight years–writing on life issues for the local Catholic paper)
  • Occasional editor (helping my mother’s non-profit with grant proposals and other writing/editing tasks)
  • Always busy (writing this blog, running my kids here and there, gardening, snatching time for myself, spending way too much time on Facebook)

If you would like to contact me regarding sponsorship opportunities, affiliate relationships, or publishing my work, please contact me via email at lesliesholly@lifeineverylimb.com.

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