Love: The Key to Compassion

Love: The Key to Compassion

Love, love, love, love: Christians, this is your call; Love your neighbor as yourself For God loves us all. We sang it in a round and we sang it well, because Sister Janice had us practice it before Mass began.  We sat on the hard metal folding chairs in the...

Pope Francis Memes You Can Trust!

People love Pope Francis, and they love Pope Francis memes.  They love them so much, in fact, that they will repost them whether they are true or not. But truth matters, y’all, and Pope Francis is saying awesome things ALL THE TIME. There’s no need to make...

Why I Remain a Catholic

Elizabeth Scalia, who blogs as The Anchoress at Patheos, has challenged all Catholics with a publishing platform of any kind to flood the blogosphere with their witness.  Here’s her invitation: Let’s do this! If you’re Catholic and have access to a web-page, a...

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