If This Stone Could Shout!

Can you guess what this is?  If you were at Immaculate Conception Church this morning you probably can, but I’m guessing everyone else is going to be puzzled. It’s slate.  A slate roof tile from the church, as a matter of fact.  With a new roof being...


I made my First Confession at Holy Ghost Church, back when I was seven, in the good old anonymous darkened confessional.  Every three months thereafter, Father Henkel and his current associate pastor would appear at St. Joseph School and we would be told that today we...

I Will Keep Sunday Holy

Second grade is a big year for Catholic children.  Lorelei and her classmates will prepare all year for First Communion, and this Saturday they will participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  Lorelei has said the Act of Contrition about 10,000...

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