48 Questions (and the answers too!)

Last week I was too busy LIVING my life to write about it!  And this week I’m playing catch up from last week.  So here’s a self-indulgent, quickie post, inspired by my friend Elizabeth, to get me back to blogging.   1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER...

Embracing Change

I don’t like change.  I never have liked change, and anyone who knows me well knows this about me.  Now I would assume that it would be hard on ANYONE to lose every single personal possession to fire, to have to move into a new house with all new things in it,...

We're a Little Bit Pagan . . .

Did y’all ever think about how WEIRD Christmas is?  I don’t mean what we are celebrating, of course–I know you know that.  Maybe what I really should be asking is did y’all ever think about how weird communal traditions are in general, or if...
Books Worth Reading

Books Worth Reading

I’m cheating a bit on this post because it’s so late and I don’t have much time to make the NaBloPoMo deadline, but I’m a sucker for this kind of thing anyway. Yesterday a Facebook friend invited me to do the following: The rules: Don’t...

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