Haunted House of Dreams?

So far I have posted every day in November and have had no difficulty finding inspiration.  Truth be told, I have whole pages of ideas for blog posts, and new ones float in and out of my head all day every day!  Some I remember and some I forget; some I scrawl down...
It's Just Not Fun Anymore

It's Just Not Fun Anymore

The last few days before Election Day, my Facebook newsfeed was jammed with posts and memes indicating how tired everyone was of the campaign.  One little girl was famously moved to tears over the whole thing, and I think I know how she felt. Constant negativity IS...

Who Are the Uninsured?

So the other day I was looking at this sort of small boil thing on my leg (I know, I know, TMI but necessary to the story).  “Do you think this could be a staph infection?” I asked Teddy, figuring he would be the expert since things like that tend to lurk...

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