Hidden Mothers

Hidden Mothers

I don’t remember how I happened to run across my first hidden–or even better, invisible–mother photograph.  But I’ve been haunted by the pictures ever since I discovered them. There’s really nothing sinister about them.  The shrouded...

Best Picture = Best Worldview?

Okay, y’all, this is essentially an irrelevant fluff post, because I lost an hour of sleep this weekend and it took extreme heroism for me not to just go straight back to bed after John and Lorelei left this morning. So, John was reading Time Magazine the other...


When I was eleven my family moved to a new house. It was a split level, and I had the basement bedroom. I had a three yellow walls, one wall with yellow roses, and wall-to-wall spring green carpet under my French Provincial 1970s bedroom suite, complete with canopy...

Eleven Answers

So the other day my friend Christi (whose blog is hysterical, by the way–check it out!) was feeling sorry for what a hard life I lead, so she decided I needed an easy blog post to do and included me in the following challenge. Here’s the deal: 1. post these...

That’s What I Like About . . . Me

Okay, y’all, I’ve kind of been procrastinating about participating in this challenge. Making a list of things I like about myself is sort of cringe-inducing.  If you know me in real life, you know that I have a pretty high opinion of myself in several...

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