Two Little Girls

Two Little Girls

Do you remember this little video from Sesame Street? It reminds me of me and one of my first best friends, Mary Jo, whom I met when we were about that age–six, to be exact–as first graders at St. Joseph School.  We hit it off immediately and from then...

Song of Spring

Despite the warm weather, it’s gloomy and un-Springlike out my window this morning.  Rain is forecast for later and I just hope it holds off until after my kindergartner’s much-anticipated field trip to Ijams Nature Center is complete. I’m a big fan...

Justice for Henry

I became a fan of Katie Allison Granju at least ten years ago, when she was writing her column “Loco Parentis” in the Metropulse (that’s our alternative weekly for my non-Knoxvillian readers.).  It was near the back of the paper, I remember, and the...

East Tennessee's Best

The Knoxville New Sentinel is holding its annual vote for the best of everything in East Tennessee (the best of almost EVERYTHING is in East Tennessee!).  Included in this year’s categories is Best Blogger.  My friend Katie has been nominated!  Click here to...

I hate change

Anyone who knows me knows this.  So I was distressed to read this just now.  You see, I’m one of those rare Knoxvillians who did give up downtown as a bad job in the 70s, or just discover it in recent years.  Our route from Knoxville Catholic High School when it...

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