Answer Me This #18

It’s Sunday so it must be time for . . . 1. What is your favorite picture book? Oh, what a hard question!   I don’t really have one favorite, so I will just name the first favorite to come to mind:  The Runaway Bunny, which I like even better than...

Answer Me This #16

It’s Answer Me This time again!1. What do you still want to do this summer?With school starting tomorrow here (yes, I know that is ridiculous), summer is effectively over for us.  Before the end of summer by the actual calendar, I’d like to take the kids...

Answer Me This #17

And now for the weekly Answer Me This! 1. What is your favorite room in the house? I love my bedroom.  It is a sanctuary for me.  It is almost always clean and neat compared to the rest of the house.  It is cool and attractive and quiet and most of the time no one...

Answer Me This #15

The last days of summer are flying by, and it’s already time for another Answer Me This! 1. When driving, are you more likely to listen to the radio, to CDs or an iPod, or nothing at all? Nothing at all is my first choice.  I don’t get nearly enough...

Answer Me This #14

It’s Answer Me This time! 1. What’s your favorite thing on YouTube? I love to look up old Sesame Street and Electric Company clips from my childhood and show them to my kids.  Also old commercials.  Here’s one favorite: 2. Who taught you to drive? My...

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