My Sunday Photo: Autumn Sky


I took this photo looking down the hill from my front porch.  We live about halfway up the hill.  The original plan for our neighborhood was that the houses would get bigger and bigger going progressing up the hill so there would be ginormous houses at the top where the view is amazing.  However, the neighborhood was going to be built in two phases and the recession happened after the first phase.  The original builder backed out of the project after our house was built.  So our house is the biggest house, and eventually a new builder came in and built much smaller houses all the way up the hill.  I hear that a lot of people in the big house part of the neighborhood were angry about this, feeling that it would damage their property values.  I personally think it’s hilarious.



My Sunday Photo

This photo is special to me for a couple of reasons.  The icon was a Christmas gift from my daughter.  I suppose it’s meant as a Christmas decoration but I love it too much so I keep it out all year.  The candle holder is a new one meant to fit the peacock theme we have going on in our living room.  The prior residents of this house had painted peacocks in various places.  We discovered that peacocks are a Christian symbol of resurrection, and as that was particularly apt (since we moved here after losing everything in a house fire) we decided to go with it.

12186327_10208187592391955_6798139117556113712_o (1)


My Sunday Photo: Downtown Knoxville

My daughter and I were hiking on Saturday along the Tennessee River when I snapped this iPhone photo of downtown Knoxville.  It was one of those pictures that I knew would be good before I even took it.

The greenway we were on is about two miles from downtown, and connects to the Urban Wilderness with over 40 miles of bike/hiking trails.  We are extremely fortunate in Knoxville to have access to outdoor recreation in such a beautiful place.


NaBloPoMo November 2015

My Sunday Photo – Reflections

seven islands 14
This week was Spring Break, and on Tuesday Lorelei and I went on an adventure with some friends, visiting Seven Islands Birding Park for the first time (but I am sure not the last).  It was a beautiful almost-Spring day, perfect for taking pictures.  We saw a Cooper’s Hawk, so the park lived up to its name!  We will be going back to explore and to hike more, and I will share more pictures in a future post.


My Sunday Photo: Narnia

My big kids all attended Knoxville Catholic High School, and when I showed Emily this photo, which I took a couple of weeks ago while Lorelei and I were walking on the trails near the school after morning Mass at All Saints, she recognized “Narnia” immediately.  You’d have to ask the kids at KCHS why they call the path and clearing in the woods by that name; all I know is that they are really not supposed to go there.  It does look a little magical though, doesn’t it?  And it’s a good picture to post today, the day after the anniversary of C.S. Lewis’s death.
“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”
C.S. Lewis

My Sunday Photo: Enchanted Forest

Whenever I go walking in the woods, I find myself taking pictures of paths.  This was taken after my daughter and I emerged from a VERY long walk in the woods.  Often what I see with my eyes doesn’t appear in my pictures, but this time I think you all will be able to see the enchanted tunnel that I saw.


My Sunday Photo: Graveyard Path

Byrd 1
This is my favorite graveyard photo from last weekend, taken at a cemetery I just happened to pass on Saturday morning while running Lorelei around.  I was so interested I came back later to explore.  And I will post more about it later.  This picture combines three things I like to photograph: Autumn leaves, headstones, and paths.