Answer Me This, #4

Here’s this week’s Answer Me This, courtesy of Kendra at  Catholic All Year. 1. What’s the scariest thing that’s ever been in your yard? That’s hard.  Can I do more than one?  (Yes, I can, because this is my blog and I do whatever I want...

Answer Me This #3

Linking up again with Catholic All Year for Answer Me This!   1. What’s for dinner? God only knows.  Seriously, y’all, after almost 25 years I am tired of making dinner. In the beginning, it was fun.  Like playing house.  The second and third years I...

Answer Me This Again!

Trying to get caught up with the Catholic All Year link up!   1. Are you becoming your mother?   If I am, no one has said so yet!  I’m sure she doesn’t think so.  I am far more likely to be accused of becoming my grandmother.   2. Coffee or...

Answer Me This

In my constant quest to provide exciting and FREQUENT content on this blog, I am going to participate in more blog-hops and link ups.  The questions below come from Catholic All Year.   1. Do you hate happy clappy church music?   Clapping I can do without,...
It's a Great Time to Be Catholic!

It's a Great Time to Be Catholic!

So, I’m thinking now’s a good time to be getting all Catholic on the blog because HABEMUS PAPAM, y’all!  This doesn’t happen every day–I mean, this is only the fourth time it’s happened in my whole life (which is edging ever closer...

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