Years ago, John and I were Hillary and Bill Clinton for Halloween.  For some reason, the little people love to pull out the Hillary mask and chase each other around laughing madly.  I thought it looked interesting discarded there on my “antique” porch...

Just for fun

Once again I have pulled out some random pictures from my bottomless box for some quick inspiration: This was taken in February 1996, at Teddy’s first birthday party.  I remember it well–an Italian dinner for 27, followed by cake and presents.  Watching...

Blasts from the past

O.K., here is a Bad Mother confession:  I have not put any pictures of my kids in albums since #3 was brand new.  He is now 15.  There is a large box next to my desk full of picture envelopes, and it’s not the only box I have.  So I think I will turn a negative...

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