Online Find of the Day: Schoola

So today one of my Facebook friends posted a link to an online store called Schoola.  The link promised $15 in free gently-used kids’ clothes. I’ve been shopping consignment since before it was mainstream, so buying things used is natural to me.  And it...

Five Favorites

Today I’m linking up with Mama Knows, Honeychild to tell you about five of my favorite things! (Don’t be thinking Sound of Music here!) 1.  Yves Rocher No, I am not on their payroll, although I would do a sponsored post for them is a second if I thought I...

I Can See Clearly Now

Remember when I wrote about how much I hated getting so old that now I have to wear glasses?  Perhaps you will be surprised to know that I now have five pairs!  No, I did not become independently wealthy.  Here’s what happened. I was really happy with my reading...

On Losing Everything Part Three

Of course losing sentimental items is by far the hardest part of a tragedy like ours.  Some things really are just things, and can be replaced.  The problem with that is that there are so MANY of them, and you don’t realize how many and much they cost and how...

Why I Love Ebay

It really is true that you can find almost anything on ebay.  I know that many people shop for clothes there, and even big ticket items like cars, but I like to shop for treasures from the past, childhood toys, the kinds of things you think you will NEVER be able to...

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