Happy Birthday . . .

. . . to Lorelei, who turned eight today! And because I was busy today shopping, baking, and partying, that’s all there is to say. 🙂 Share this:TweetShare on...

Autumn Baby

Highlight of my day: Visiting with my precious nephew Leo. He’s a little blurry, because he is always in motion, but isn’t he darling? Share this:TweetShare on...
Praying with Facebook

Praying with Facebook

Facebook is a lot of things to a lot of people.  It has the power to unite and to divide, to heal and to injure.  It sounds ridiculous, no doubt, to non-users, but its effect on my life has been profound.  But one of its most surprising and beneficial effects has been...

Chips off the Old Block

More on the topic of when your kids are like you . . . I really should have taken a picture, even though all you would have seen was the backs of their heads. The other night ALL FIVE of our kids (Emily being home from college for the summer already!) were lounging...

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