Red Red Red

In my pre-fire life, I used to think about redecorating my kitchen.  Apparently some people actually do that kind of thing, but in a single-income seven-member family, you replace things when they break with whatever you can afford–you don’t...
My Debt to St. Patrick

My Debt to St. Patrick

“Catholic and Southern, Wife and Mother.”  That’s how I described myself for my original About page on this blog as well as on Twitter.  What I put first says everything about who I think I am and what is important to me. Being Catholic is at the...
There's Always That 5%

There's Always That 5%

Yesterday was the Feast Day of St. Louise de Marillac.  Frankly, I don’t know the first thing about St. Louise, but I was well-acquainted with one of her namesakes. Sister Louise de Marillac Lovejoy (just Sister Louise to us) was my American History teacher when...


When I was eleven my family moved to a new house. It was a split level, and I had the basement bedroom. I had a three yellow walls, one wall with yellow roses, and wall-to-wall spring green carpet under my French Provincial 1970s bedroom suite, complete with canopy...

My Name's Not Mom

Just a mini-rant here . . . does everyone else hate it as much as I do when you are sitting in the pediatrician’s office waiting with your kid and the nurse walks in and says, “Are you mom?”  I want to scream!  I want to say, “No, I am not mom,...

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