Why do writers write?

Like picking a scab, I keep returning to the most recent News Sentinel article on Henry’s death, the one they decided to run as the LEAD STORY on the morning of his funeral.  As if the statement by the Sheriff wasn’t upsetting enough, when you read stories...

Joy mixed with sorrow

I might as well confess that I enjoy a good funeral.  The singing, the eulogizing, the visiting with rarely seen friends and relatives, even the catharsis of tears.  But implicit in my notion of the “good funeral” is that it is a remembrance for one who...


This is a favorite poem of mine–I have it almost by heart; but I did Google it to make sure and found it on a wonderful website with a collection of quotations and other resources for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Remember me when I am gone...


Emily, while reading a book, to me:  “I hate linen.” Me: “Why?  Because it wrinkles?” Emily: “No, because he was a terrible person.” (Holds up book:  Nicholas and Alexandra) John, walking into the room: “I thought she was...

A celebration

Henry’s mama has shared the details of the services for him, and a way those who wish can honor his memory, on her blog, which is back up after having crashed earlier today from the traffic of the hundreds of people who came to wish the family well. Share...

One way to help

Katie’s co-workers at Ackermann PR have asked friends to pass along this link which has information on how people can contribute to a fund to help the family with the financial burdens which they will be facing on top of everything else after Henry’s 37...

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