Keeping Christmas all the year

Christmas was anything but peaceful this year, since we were in the process of moving.  I love to collect new decorations, but this was the only one I bought this year.  And when it was time (past time) to take them down, I decided to leave this one. Our house is...


My beautiful old Victorian house had the original double-hung windows.  But most of them were stuck, painted, or even epoxied shut!   Even when we managed to pry one open, most of the ropes that held the counter weights had broken long ago.  So we had to prop them up...

Nature red in tooth and claw

The poison ivy saga continues.  Lorelei and William are covered in it.  I now have patches all over my body, doubtless from clingy Lorelei’s little hands since there is no way the actual ivy touched me in most of these spots!  To add to the fun, I also have...

Tennessee Tragedy

If you don’t live in Tennessee, you might be unaware that heavy rains flooded Nashville.  My cousin and her husband went canoeing around her neighborhood.  The pictures from downtown are simply unbelievable.  Read about one family’s experience in my friend...
One Is Silver and the Other Gold

One Is Silver and the Other Gold

The popularity of Facebook has made the concept of community-building via the internet commonplace. But for most of us, our Facebook friends are people we know in real life, even if we haven’t seen them in a long time or do not know them very well. The idea of...

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