One Is Silver and the Other Gold

One Is Silver and the Other Gold

The popularity of Facebook has made the concept of community-building via the internet commonplace. But for most of us, our Facebook friends are people we know in real life, even if we haven’t seen them in a long time or do not know them very well. The idea of...

Thanks be to God

 If you are a mother, you remember how excited you were to hear your baby say, “Mama,” for the first time. Today my friend Katie got to experience that joy again, but infinitely multiplied, when Henry woke up and said, “Hi, Mama.” Praise God! But please keep praying,...

I wish Virginia Lee Burton could see this

Our new home was not the first home built on this property.  Ours was built around 1960 by a man who grew up in this little yellow house that still stands (just barely) in the woods behind us. Anyone who knows me would realize that if I think an old house is too far...

Please Pray . . .

 . . . for my friend Katie, and her 18-year-old son, who is in the ICU in critical condition after being brutally assaulted.  She is the mother of five (one in utero) and I know that she is just devastated by this.  Thanks. Share this:TweetShare on...
The Impermanence of Things

The Impermanence of Things

When we were preparing for our wedding, around 21 [now over 28] years ago, I made sure to register for a 12-piece place setting of everyday dishes and flatware, because I planned on having lots of kids.  We requested Pfaltzgraff stoneware, which seemed like it would...

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