Five Random Favorites

This is a pretty random list of favorite things that are on my mind this morning, so that I can link up with Mama Knows, Honeychild!
five favorites
1.  This popcorn popper

So we have lots of people in this house who are popcorn-crazy (also just crazy, but we won’t post about that) as you could tell if you came to see me because of all the popcorn in the couch cushions (and everywhere else too if we don’t clean up before you come).  And so we had been buying and eating lots of microwave popcorn, which as we all know is one of the unhealthiest things in the whole world.  Then I found a stove-top crank-operated popper we inherited from Grandma, but that thing was labor intensive, and heating oil on the stove to high temperatures is always a little scary.  And it was a pain to clean, so it was always sitting around in the way because I could re-use it without taking it apart and washing it but I couldn’t put it away like that!  Plus I was afraid to let the kids use it, so anytime anyone wanted popcorn (all the time) it was all on me.  So I looked on Amazon, ordered this, and my life was changed.  It requires no oil, and the little kids have already learned to use it themselves.  And old-fashioned popcorn is cheaper, so there’s that.
Which leads me to another favorite . . .
2.  These popcorn bowls

photo credit: sharsuniquefinds via ebay

Now, I would never in a million years have bought these, as darling as they are, because I don’t believe in buying single-use things that then have to be stashed away somewhere taking up valuable space and like as not getting ignored in favor of something more convenient most of the time.  But these came with the house–the prior renters left them, unused and still in the box, in the garage.  And we have a cabinet right over the stove that is too high and inconvenient to store things we want to use all the time in, but still accessible enough to get to.  So we use these every day, and the big one conveniently fits right under the opening of the air popper, and holds exactly the amount that 1/2 cup of kernels pops into.
Of course we put real butter on our popcorn, which leads me to another favorite . . .
3.  My butter dish
butter dish
I like to leave my butter sitting out on the counter.  Before you start worrying that it will spoil, please understand that between cinnamon toast, popcorn, and using it for cooking, we use about a stick each day.  And hard butter won’t spread, which is such a nuisance.  So I used to just leave it sitting out on a small plate.  But the cat would lick it whenever he got a chance.  I’ve seen the other things he’s had in his mouth, so there was no salvaging that butter!  Now the lid keeps the butter safe.
4.  My new coffee cup
red coffee cup
Emily bought this for me at Wal-Mart the other day, just to be nice.  That’s enough of a reason for me to like it, but I also like the way it looks sitting on the counter waiting for the next cup of coffee.  It makes me happy.
And now I am seeing that this post really does have a theme after all, so I will add one final favorite . . .
5.  My red kitchen

food tomatoes
You can read more about it and see more pictures here.
That’s it for this week!  Please visit the linkup for more favorites!

Modern Conveniences

Y’all, a couple of months ago I got a new dishwasher after having lived for almost three years with one that was . . . temperamental . . . at best.  Like things would stay in there for load after load because they just would not come clean, and there was always grit all over everything, and I had to run it empty every other load, and toward the end it only worked when it felt like it.
I know it’s so First World to complain so much about a bad dishwasher, no matter how many kids I have and how many loads I have to do in a day (two to three, to stay caught up). But it’s the little things, don’t you know, and having a functional dishwasher makes me happy every single day.
Recently, my dissatisfaction over kitchen appliances turned to the refrigerator.  Every time I’d go to the store, it would be a struggle to put all the food away.  And I missed my deep freeze, and with it the ability to buy items on sale in bulk and save them for later.  One day I was looking at the dirt on top of the refrigerator when it suddenly occurred to me that I COULD SEE THE TOP OF THE REFRIGERATOR.  How could that be?  Aren’t refrigerators supposed to be taller than that?  Suddenly I remembered having to stand on chairs to get things off the top of other refrigerators I owned.  I mentioned this to my father, a former salesman of appliances, and he was basically like DUH, that’s a tiny refrigerator.
Well, at least I didn’t feel like I was crazy anymore for not being able to fit all the groceries in there.
But now I am in appliance heaven because my father got a new refrigerator.  And when Daddy gets new appliances, guess who he offers the old ones to?
Jake and his friend David picked up the new-to-us fridge a couple of weeks ago, and moved the old one to the garage.  The new one is much taller, wider, and deeper.  It’s a side-by-side, which I’ve never had and don’t prefer, but I don’t care.  And it still won’t hold everything comfortably but HELLO I have another refrigerator in the garage.  On my last shopping trip I went to Aldi AND Food City and I was so excited knowing I would get to come home to all that space.
Oh, also it’s clean.  It won’t stay clean, of course, but we will enjoy it while it lasts.