April Goes out with a Bang!

Well, this has been another banner week for me, y’all! Monday was my birthday, and who doesn’t like having a little fuss made over them?  Especially when the fuss includes TWO bouquets and a homemade cake (Emily made it). Tuesday I published a post related...

Lent and a Birthday

Birthday parties and Ash Wednesday don’t mix.  That’s why we celebrated William’s 13th birthday last Saturday, with a dinner party at the Lemongrass Restaurant (William loves Asian food of all types).  There were 14 of us in attendance.  We brought...

Not a Chip off THIS Block!

John and I were both well-behaved children, responsible, excelling in school without parental prompting, never giving our parents worry or trouble. That’s why I think Karma is bullshit. No, seriously, my kids aren’t that bad.   But they aren’t carbon...

A Busy Birthday

So my baby girl turned NINE today!  Lorelei wanted to have a party for some of her school friends, and she came up with the theme on her own:  a “fashion” party.  The main event was manicures and makeovers provided by her big sister, followed by a pinata,...

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