Autumn Gardening

You may have noticed my more regular posting schedule lately, because it’s November and I am once again participating in NaBloPoMo.  That means a post per day.  And it’s hard, VERY hard, for me to find the time. So today I’m posting a few pictures,...

This Year in the Garden

Last year, I posted about my gardening efforts often.  This year I haven’t found the time.  I’ve gardened, though, and I’ve taken pictures.  And as fall approached I thought it would be fun to show you the progress I’ve made this year....

Fall in the Garden

Summer may be over but you couldn’t tell it by looking at my garden.  For all my lack of planning, it’s still blooming happily. On the cool side, we have Autumn Joy Sedum: Gaura: Chrysanthemums (which I divided last year–they did great!), verbena...

Tennessee Volunteers

Although it is in fact ALMOST football time in Tennessee, I am not talking about THOSE Volunteers!  No, I am talking about the ones that appeared in my garden this summer. Last year I planted zinnias for the first time ever.  I didn’t know anything about them,...

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