The Mills of God Grind Slowly . . .

Knox County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Brad Hall called Yolanda Harper and Russell Houser “Good Samaritans.”  Katie Allison Granju called them predators. who gave her son Henry the drugs that led to his fatal overdose. Knoxville News Sentinel...

And Justice for All

Lorelei stated rather matter-of-factly the other day that the next time we go out of town, our house will burn down again.  And of course I told her that will not happen, that it is very, very rare for a family to suffer such a random, terrible accident. That’s...

Back in the High Life

Drama was my “thing” in high school.  I landed a starring role as a freshman and was involved with every production until graduation.  I’d been involved in theatre in grade school as well, and at one time was planning on being an actress when I grew...

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