Birthday Girl

Tomorrow Lorelei, our baby, will turn 11.  True to her birth order, she’s very much still the “baby” of the family, although she is surprisingly capable if no one is around to baby her. Lorelei is homeschooled, and thus somewhat sheltered from a...

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

Lorelei is off to camp with her classmates this morning.  They will be spending three days at Camp Wesley Woods, about an hour from home. This of course necessitated a lot of shopping.  And with one thing and another, I put off this shopping until yesterday....

Not a Chip off THIS Block!

John and I were both well-behaved children, responsible, excelling in school without parental prompting, never giving our parents worry or trouble. That’s why I think Karma is bullshit. No, seriously, my kids aren’t that bad.   But they aren’t carbon...
Pretty Pretty Princess

Pretty Pretty Princess

So it seems like everywhere I look lately I see articles about what not to say to your little girls.  Don’t mention that you have issues with your weight.  Don’t tell them they are pretty.  And for God’s sake, don’t call them Princess....

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

I love sharing pictures of my new house with you and I hope you like seeing how far we’ve come since September.  The reason these postings are few and far between is that the rooms have to be clean before I photograph them (got to keep it Pinterest safe!)....

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