NaBloPoMo and Countdown to Election Day!

It’s November and you know what that means, right?

No, not Election Day! 😉

It’s time again for NaBloPoMo, when those of us who write blogs instead of books jump on the one-post-a-day bandwagon.  I’ve had varying success with this in the past, and I don’t know how this is going to go since so far this year my publication success has been abysmal, but I’m going to try.

I’m also going to cheat just a little by re-running some politically-themed posts up through Election Day, perhaps with a little new introductory material.

So I hope you will follow along because it’s no fun to write if no one reads!

NaBloPoMo November 2016

It's That Time of Year . . .

NaBloPoMo November
Yes, I will be publishing SOMETHING every day during the month of November, and since even I can’t visit that many cemeteries, you can count on some variety, if you like that kind of thing.
Today, though, I spent time exploring May (or Murray) Cemetery on Ball Camp Pike before hiking at Ijam’s and Mead’s Quarry, and then coming home to cook and cook (beef stew) and feed all the people.  I’m tired, so this introductory post is it for today.  Tune in every day for the rest of the month to read more!

I Fell off the Wagon . . .

The NaBloPoMo wagon, that is.  But, y’all, this week has been brutal.
First there was the all-nighter.  Jake got his paper done.  Emily bagged on us around 3 a.m.  I stayed up and up and up.  For those of you who have heard me rant about helicopter parenting, all I can say is that sometimes even big kids need their mothers, and Jake needed me that night.
Furthermore, any of you who do legal work will no doubt cringe when I mention that I also had discovery requests to fulfill the following day.  So I was working on that the following morning while continuing to help Jake with the paper.  I did not get to finally collapse until close to 4 p.m.  I slept for 17 hours.
This blissful unconsciousness put a serious dent into Thanksgiving prep time, however.  Normally I would have at least shopped for the food on Tuesday.  But that had to wait until Wednesday and I did not get down to serious cooking business until close to 7 p.m.  Brining the bird, cooking the giblets, and preparing the sweet potatoes and the mashed potatoes took until about 2 a.m.  Six hours later I was back up to cover the turkey in bacon and get it into the oven.  Then I moved onto the pies, and in between those major tasks handled all the little details that those of you who have hosted 18 people or so more Thanksgiving dinner won’t need me to explain.
2013-11-28 09.17.242013-11-28 15.29.502013-11-28 15.30.36
The fruits of all this labor were delicious, and as they say, a good time was had by all.  But after they all went home, it was back at it for me to clean up until around eleven (well worth it to come downstairs this morning to a clean kitchen instead of a mess).  Whenever I made the mistake of sitting down for a rest I wasn’t sure I could get back up again!  I finally treated myself to a long-anticipated soak in the spa tub and I thought I might just have to spend the night in there.
Mark my words, y’all:  I am NOT doing this again next year!  Next year you are going to be reading a post about how we went to Mass and then next door to the Crown Plaza for their Thanksgiving buffet.  You heard it here first.

I'm Tired

This is one of those nights when the ONLY reason I am writing a blog post is because of NaBloPoMo.  I am busy and sleepy and not feeling particularly inspired.  The space in my head normally devoted to dreaming up things to write about, refining them throughout the day till almost all I have to do is sit down and type, has been full of other stuff today.
That’s because Lorelei turns nine on Sunday, and all my thoughts are currently directed toward TWO birthday parties which are scheduled for that day.  The cleaning, cooking, shopping and other preparations are all-consuming.  Not that she isn’t worth it.  But still.
So I hope you can be satisfied this evening with the above and a few pictures of the almost-birthday girl.
lovely loreleilorelei pumpkin2013-07-10 17.01.00-2Spa Bathlorelei cat

Lorelei in my bed with her kitten, Pepper.
Lorelei in my bed with her kitten, Pepper.

Lorelei thinks she's a college girl
Lorelei thinks she’s a college girl

Are you ready to read a lot of blog posts?

So I’m doing NaBloPoMo again, but this week has been kind of crazy (seriously, who am I kidding and what week hasn’t been crazy?) so that I’m even failing on the “Facebook gratitude game.”  This week looks to be another crazy ones so the posts may be short and written close to midnight, but I’m going to do my best to pop out one a day for the month of November (there aren’t any rules on how long they have to be!).
So taking a leaf from last year’s book, today’s offering is a short tribute to Halloween.
First, William.  Jake bought him this mask (it’s a Predator) and he was delighted, although he had to take it off to see between houses!)
william predator
Lorelei was a “ninja zombie.”  Her costume was completely her own creation; I did her makeup but under her strict instruction!
Lorelei zombieI was proud of myself for getting the pumpkins carved a day in advance.  Heck, I was proud of myself for getting actual pumpkins since there have been years on which I procrastinated so badly that there were no pumpkins to be had!  This year I only had to carve two.  Emily carved her own.  There were years when I was frantically carving five on Halloween afternoon.  (Why do my kids each have their own pumpkin?  We had ONE in our family.  And why do they have to be so freaking creative on the design? We had the same basic Jack O’Lantern every year of my life and were delighted with it!)
pumpkinsFinally, last night John and I were downtown where Halloween fun was still going on even after the fact.  There were people in costume everywhere, which tends to make me nervous.  Then on Market Square we saw the most horrible thing ever, and I took its picture so you can be as terrified as I was.
horrible thing
Please tune in tomorrow and every day for the rest of November and cheer me on as I attempt to provide posts with more words in them.  🙂