Through my window

I wrote a couple of days ago about how much I enjoy the ability to easily open the windows in our new house.  I also love what I see when I look out.  This is what I see when I am working at my desk: The windows in my office provide a feast for almost all the senses. ...


My beautiful old Victorian house had the original double-hung windows.  But most of them were stuck, painted, or even epoxied shut!   Even when we managed to pry one open, most of the ropes that held the counter weights had broken long ago.  So we had to prop them up...

Nature red in tooth and claw

The poison ivy saga continues.  Lorelei and William are covered in it.  I now have patches all over my body, doubtless from clingy Lorelei’s little hands since there is no way the actual ivy touched me in most of these spots!  To add to the fun, I also have...

I'm gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion

I HATE POISON IVY.  I cannot seem to escape the stuff.  It encircled the backyard of our first house, right where I wanted to plant a border of daylilies.  I wore gloves and long sleeves when I tried to pull it up, and still ended up with welts all over my arms.  My...

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