It’ no news to me that my stats for this thing are way, way down.  And it’s no wonder, given the irregularity and infrequency of posts here lately. Now I knew I wouldn’t be able to post much during the craziness that was most of April and all of May....
The Future Is in Her Hands

The Future Is in Her Hands

I recently wrote about how cool it is when your kid is good at something that you aren’t able to do at all.  But how about when your kid is BETTER than you at something you are pretty good at? 🙂 My family are writers from way back.  My mother has a journalism...

Drowning in a Sea of Responsibilities

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life?  Have you ever had one of those days–or weeks, or months–where you just couldn’t get on top of everything you needed to do?  Have you ever felt like you were drowning, or being crushed by the weight of your...
What Makes a Writer?

What Makes a Writer?

I was a “writer” long before I could put pen to paper to form legible words.  I remember dictating stories to my mother when I was about four, and illustrating them afterwards.  “The Girl with the Hat” was my first composition; I believe my...

East Tennessee's Best

The Knoxville New Sentinel is holding its annual vote for the best of everything in East Tennessee (the best of almost EVERYTHING is in East Tennessee!).  Included in this year’s categories is Best Blogger.  My friend Katie has been nominated!  Click here to...

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