12 in 2015: A Year in Pictures

At the end of 2013 and again last year I participated in a linkup in which participants shared one picture for each month of the year.  I’m not sure that the linkup is taking place but I think it’s a fun way to recap the year so I am going to do it anyway!

January: Jake on his 21st birthday with a cake full of candles.

Jake 21

February: Last year we had a snowy winter for the first time in a long time.  I always like taking pictures of Mary in the ice and snow.


March: I love this picture taken at Seven Islands Birding Park.

seven islands 14

April: Easter at our house.  This is Leo, age 4, our nephew and godson.

Easter15 Leo 2

May: This is Echo, the most recent cat-addition to our family.

echo 3

June:  I traveled to Dallas with my sister and we stopped in Memphis for the night.


July: I took this at Cedar Springs Cemetery.

cedar springs 14

August: John getting excited about his drink on one of the mini-vacations we took this year, this one to Pigeon Forge.

PF 2

September:  My cousin’s wedding in Nashville.

wedding 13

October: Our awesome Notre Dame football trip.


November:  Lorelei’s 11th birthday, in which this year’s obsession is evident.


December:  Ready for Christmas (just barely).  And finally I got enough lights on the tree.  Note the rope attaching our tree to the wall.  Let’s just say that’s the result of some bitter experiences.

christmas 2015

Thank you, everyone, for reading my blog this year.  I hope the New Year is full of blessings for all of you.

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12 in 2014: A Year in Pictures

So, I’m linking up with Dwija at House Unseen, Life Unscripted  and posting one picture for each month of 2014.  I did this last year, but this year it seemed much harder to choose.  I’ve taken an insane amount of pictures this year, for one thing.  And then I had to think about what I was trying to present:  My best pictures? The ones that were most representative of each month? I went for a mixture, as you will see!


January’s picture was taken at the Knoxville Depot, which nowadays is a reception venue.  The little kids and I were looking at the old trains outside after our parish’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch.  I took a lot of pictures, and was just really pleased with the way the one above turned out.


We got some snow in Knoxville last winter, y’all!  I really love the way Mary looks in the snow, in the green tint from the porch light which we never changed back after Christmas.


downtown 10
I don’t think I ever blogged about the walk Emily and I took downtown in the early spring–our first of many, many walks this year!  I love this shot of Church Street United Methodist Church and the forsythia in bloom.


The annual Easter egg hunt!  I caught Lorelei in mid-leap.


Lorelei wading
This was taken at Melton Hill Park on Mother’s Day.  I like to get Kentucky Fried Chicken and have a picnic on that day.


Lorelei getting wet at River Mountain Park at Volunteer Landing in downtown Knoxville.  We had all kinds of fun summer plans.  Oh well, at least we started off well!


Taken from our front porch on the 4th of July.


food tomatoes
A veritable bounty of tomatoes given to us by our landlady, and beautifully complementing my red kitchen.


AS 9
A mountain bike ramp on one of the trails at Anderson School, part of the 40-mile Urban Wilderness trail system Emily and I hiked from May through November.


William's garden
I could have posted so many beautiful photos for October, but decided to share this friend we found in “William’s Garden,” the patch of pokeweed, morning glories, and other assorted wild things growing on the side of our house around the air conditioning equipment.


I’m not exactly a fan of graffiti, but this touched me when I saw it downtown one day.


On the outside looking in at our Christmas tree.  I love the weird effect produced by the outdoor lights.  I promise our windows are not painted electric blue!
And there you have it!  Thank you for following along this year, and be sure to check out the other posts in the linkup.