Because most issues are life issues, if you think about it.

If you…

Sometimes feel lonely or confused in Catholic spaces on the internet

Believe orthodox Catholics should be passionate about social justice and sharing the Truth of the Social Gospel both within the Church and without

Are distressed at misinterpretations of the Social Gospel by secular society and many Catholics

Then you will feel comfortable here at Life in Every Limb!

When you become a member of the Life in Every Limb community, you will develop a solid grounding in Catholic social teaching. You will get the tools you need to speak the Truth of the Catholic faith, live it out faithfully, and evangelize both at home and in the world.

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What I Read in July

What I Read in July

I finished my sixth book with just a day to spare and made my six book goal for July. You would think I would have an easier time meeting my goals in the summer but that has not seemed to be the case. Master of Middle-Earth by Paul H. Kocher I picked this up on...

Potter and Clay

Potter and Clay

Abba, Abba Father. You are the potter; we are the clay, the Work of Your hands . . . That is the beginning of a song I remember singing often at morning Mass when I was an 8th grader in parochial school. You probably recall the hymnal; it was ubiquitous in the early...

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